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A daily podcast of sacred and mindful meditations to help you encounter the divine presence of God throughout your day.

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Apr 29, 2019

Matthew 6:14.  When the world pushes against you, do you show grace in return?  This meditation from Matthew 6 will help you remember to be mindful of your actions so that others see the mercy and grace of God in all that we say and do. That when the world pushes against you, that you show grace in...

Apr 28, 2019

Revelation 4:11.  Have you felt alone and isolated against the pressure of the world?  This meditation from Revelation 4 will help you remember that when the world pushes against you, God is the Creator of that same world.  I hope this time enables you to remember that nothing happens in all of creation without the...

Apr 27, 2019

John 16:33.  Have you felt the world pushing against you?  This meditation from the sixteenth chapter of John will help you remember that Jesus is that shelter.  A simple word from Him conquers the force of the world. His mere presence overcomes all the world has to push...

Apr 26, 2019

Matthew 5:6.   This meditation from Matthew 5 is about hungering less for what the world provides and what nourishes us eternally.  Seeking satisfaction not in the drink but in God. Finding delight in heavenly nourishment that will never leave us hungry or thirsty again.

Apr 25, 2019

John 10:11.  Do you ever feel isolated and alone?  The theme of this meditation from John 10 is about coming to know the nature and character of God who knows you. Remembering that the King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and Creator of the universe knows you. He knows your name.  And He is always checking...